In our own facilities we produce butterflies and overheads meeting the tightest deadlines at an extremely competitive price

Rosco butterfly panels are available to fit the standard butterfly and overhead frames used in motion picture and television production.  Butterflies are produced in all materials necessary to control light effects such as diffusion, reflection, light intensity and colour temperature. Fabrics, like molton black, grey and white, and textiles for digital compositing, like ChromaKey and Digicomp are also available.

All standard sizes are in stock:
1.12m x 1.12m,
1.74m x 1.74m,
2.35m x 2.35m,
3.55m x 3.55m
and 5.90m x 5.90m.

Any custom size and finishing can also be made available.

All materials are supplied edge-finished with binding and grommets. Filter Grip panels are sewn on to a fabric edge tape, which gives strength and flexibility, up to any size and in different colours to facilitate identification of some of the materials used in butterfly production: Green for all Single Cine Net (black and white),  Red for all Double Cine Net (black and white) and Yellow for Silk (natural and artificial). The rest of the filter grip panels have the most appropriate colours to go unnoticed. All butterfly panels are delivered in water resistant bags.

Materials available from stock:

Grid Cloth
Light Grid Cloth
1/4 Grid Cloth
Silent Grid Cloth
Silent Light Grid Cloth
Silent 1/4 Grid Cloth
Soft Frost
Half Soft Frost 
White Natural Silk
White Artificial Silk
1/4 White Artificial Silk
White Single Cine Net
White Double Cine Net
Black Single Cine Net
Black Double Cine Net
Silver Reflector
Gold Reflector

White Tul Gobelin
Grey Tul Gobelin
Black Tul Gobelin
Natural Muslin
White Muslin
Grey Muslin
Blue Digicomp 
Green Digicomp 
Reversible Blue/Green Digicomp 
Blue Chroma Key 
Green Chroma Key 
Reversible Blue/Green Chroma Key 
White Molton 
Grey Molton 
Black Molton 
Black Commando (Duvetyn)
Checkerboard Lame (Gold/Silver)

As butterfly manufacturers, we offer a fast service and ensure all the attention that your order requires. For more information or to place an order, please contact our office.

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Blanchard Works
Kangley Bridge Road
London SE26 5AQ
T:+44 (0)20 8659 2300
F:+44 (0)20 8659 3153



Butterfly produced for Spanish TV station
Canal+ with Grid Cloth diffuser.

Reversible Chroma Key Blue/Green
Water resistant bag

Binding and grommets
Black Cine Net